Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Dog = Productivity

You all know our boxer Amos. Well Amos turned 1 this past Sunday (Happy Birthday bud!) and he received a big doggy bed for his birthday (as well as a GIANT bone). When I work in the studio Amos loves to sleep on the floor next to where I am working. As sweet as this is, he is 85+ lbs and takes up my entire studio floor (it's a small studio) making it nearly impossible to go from desk to bench. His new bed has provided me with un-for-seen solutions to some problems. One being that it allows me to control where he this case the only space his bed fits is wedged in the door. Which leads me to the second solution; since he is wedged in the door it makes it very difficult for me to get out of here...meaning I'm trapped in and forced to be productive. So there you go! If you have problems being productive in the studio go get yourself a big dog and even bigger dog bed and stick him in your doorway. Dogs sleep for hours and hours, you'll be set!

Just a thought : )