Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bragging Rights

My jewelry was in the Oval Office!!! After my hair appointment today my stylist whipped out this picture to show me. The woman on the far right (note her lovely hair style!) was her bff from high school. Her and her sister met Obama in May and her friend was wearing my Rustic Hoop necklace! It's kind of a silly thing to get excited about...but it made me smile : )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camping Highlights

Amos posing on a trail

We had a great time camping this past weekend. I am sorry to say my pictures don't go in order of event, but I've uploaded them...that's a big step for me!

Hiking Sunday--beautiful exposed root system

Hiking Sunday--I love mossy rocks!

Amos--'dog' tired after our nearly 5 mile hike Saturday

Me & Amos hiking Saturday

Mike & Amos on many of the creek crossings on our hike Saturday

Scenery from hike Saturday

Amos playing in the creek on our hike Saturday

He loved the water which surprised us since he's usually such a chicken about it

You have to drive across the creek to get to the camping area of the park

Home away from home

We had a huge & private site compared to all the others we saw

Our site--part II

LOVE campfires!

Again, we had a great time. We got to do a lot of hiking, cooking over the fire, and take in some beautiful scenery. Everything was damp, lush, and mossy which I love. The creek is spring fed and crystal clear. Amos loved running in and out of the creek, it was hilarious to watch him. He did very well for his first camping trip which made us very happy since we love to camp. It was interesting to camp while pregnant...between food aversions (still...grrrrr), constantly needing to go potty, and a (brand new) air bed that wouldn't stay inflated I was exhausted by the time we left. But it was still fun : ) And we have every intention on going again in just a few short weeks time.

Tonight I am constructing a list of daily goals to reach in the studio (i.e. 6/23--3 pairs of rustic pearl studs, one laguna agate ring, one set of stacking rings; 6/24--3 prs Rustic Victorian earrings, one Rustic Victorian pendant, one Rustic Victorian ring...and so on). My list is going to be both long and challenging. But I HAVE to start preparing for December and the arrival of our little one. So from here on out, every afternoon possible I am going to be nose-to-the-grind-stone working in the studio. I can't wait! Expect to see LOTS of new jewelry in the very near future.

Have a great night!

P.S. Did I mention that I got into another gallery in Bayfield, WI??? Well, I did! I am so excited and cannot wait to finally make the trip up there and deliver jewelry. Check it out Stones Throw Gallery

Friday, June 18, 2010

Custom Anklet & Camping

Textured side

A long-time favorite customer/friend of Karena Bella commissioned me to create a very meaningful anklet for a graduation gift. As usual, my charms are reversible with a texture on one side and the word/phrase on the other.

Texture & clasp detail


Deb--the chain is sturdy yet not-too-chunky. It measures 8" with a 1" extender so it is adjustable up to 9" total, as discussed. I decided to go with just the 3 pearls, anything more looked like too much. It is simple and she should be able to wear it with everything. I hope you love it! Email me if you have any questions about it. Otherwise it will be in the mail this morning.

It should be a very fun weekend! My husband, dog and I are taking our first camping trip of the season! This is our first time camping with Amos (who I just discovered was trying to eat my bottle of travel shave gel...). He is going to LOVE it! He loves going on nature walks--the place we're going has beautiful trails and we camp right on a creek! I don't anticipate him barking at the wild life since boxers aren't a hunting breed. When ever he sees a squirrel or bunny in the back yard he just studies them for a while trying to decide if it's a moving toy! And they're gone before he can test any of his theories. I am a little concerned, though, about how well we'll sleep sharing a tent with a snoring/tooting dog.

I've got a long list to complete before 1:30pm. My husband said he'd leave without me if I wasn't ready : ) Gotta run--have a great weekend!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Light, Go!

I just love this ring! Crazy lace agate & sterling

I have great news! We were able to have another ultrasound last week and the baby is doing very well! We got to hear and see the heartbeat AND watch the baby wiggling and hopping around. I can't even begin to express how happy and relieved I have been. Now I get to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

Some other great news is that I brought in the msds info on all of the questionable chemicals I use in the studio and the doctor assured me that with a few simple precautions working in the studio should be fine. So I am getting back to it! I find that lengthy breaks refresh my creativity and am newly inspired. I'll keep you updated with my new work.

Take care--

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buisness Cards

Hi Everyone! I apologize for another long delay between posts. As far as I know (and feel) everything is still going well with the pregnancy. We have another appt. tomorrow so hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat. I continue to feel apprehensive about working in the studio with so many toxic chemicals - I am bringing all of the information I have about each chemical in question to the doc tomorrow. Hopefully he'll put my mind to rest about whether there would be any harm to the baby by working with them and I'll be able to get back to it. I am really starting to miss the process!

In the meantime I have been playing around with photography and my graphics program just to do something business related. I was going to have my new cards made but since I haven't been working with metals lately I have had the time to work on it myself. It's been so much fun! So far I am happy with the results--but it's a work in progress.

Take care -