Friday, June 18, 2010

Custom Anklet & Camping

Textured side

A long-time favorite customer/friend of Karena Bella commissioned me to create a very meaningful anklet for a graduation gift. As usual, my charms are reversible with a texture on one side and the word/phrase on the other.

Texture & clasp detail


Deb--the chain is sturdy yet not-too-chunky. It measures 8" with a 1" extender so it is adjustable up to 9" total, as discussed. I decided to go with just the 3 pearls, anything more looked like too much. It is simple and she should be able to wear it with everything. I hope you love it! Email me if you have any questions about it. Otherwise it will be in the mail this morning.

It should be a very fun weekend! My husband, dog and I are taking our first camping trip of the season! This is our first time camping with Amos (who I just discovered was trying to eat my bottle of travel shave gel...). He is going to LOVE it! He loves going on nature walks--the place we're going has beautiful trails and we camp right on a creek! I don't anticipate him barking at the wild life since boxers aren't a hunting breed. When ever he sees a squirrel or bunny in the back yard he just studies them for a while trying to decide if it's a moving toy! And they're gone before he can test any of his theories. I am a little concerned, though, about how well we'll sleep sharing a tent with a snoring/tooting dog.

I've got a long list to complete before 1:30pm. My husband said he'd leave without me if I wasn't ready : ) Gotta run--have a great weekend!

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