Saturday, May 30, 2009

KB Fall 2008 (for Naomi)

I have a customer (Hi Naomi!) who bought this bracelet at one of the galleries and contacted me to have earrings and a necklace made. I promised her some images of the things I made in that series (all of them are long gone from the gallery).

Here are several earrings that would go with your bracelet (you can click on the images for a more detailed view). From left to right there are dark green coin pearls, gold coin pearls, white coin pearls, and bronzy-red coin pearls, and then peacock (iridescent purple) stick pearls in the long oval hoops. I can make the long oval hoops with a white stick pearl as well. I can recreate anything you see here or we can work on designing a new, but similar, item as well.

The necklace that was made to match the bracelet in on the right. I really liked this necklace! I don't remember what it retailed for (ballpark $120-$130). I can remake one similar to this or I can do a more simple version. Let me know what you think of your options. You can contact me through etsy, as we have been doing. Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

All Done! (almost)

As promised in a past entry, here are some pictures of our new home! I can't believe how well it all fits. I worked all day on finishing up several miscellaneous projects and I'm glad to say it's pretty much done. There are a few minor details left, but they can wait.

I don't know what to do above our bed??? It'll come to me! We have our new mattress on lay-away and will be picking it up in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait for that. Our bed is a 17 year old hand-me-down. We desperately need a new mattress! I also need to get a king size bed skirt... the one I have on there now is from our queen size bed, it barely covers the ugly floral box spring... yak!

I was very happy to get my beading/finishing area all set up and organized. I have a few things to add yet, but it's mostly done and a very workable space. I can't wait to get my metals stuff here with me. I'm thinking that will happen next week sometime.

I'm loving our new TV. It swivels so we can watch it in bed or from the couch. Gotta love my husband for always keepin' us hooked up! ; )

Over all, I love the entire space. It will serve us well while we are here. There are lots of windows and pleasant light. It's definitely starting to feel like home! Well, have a great weekend. TTFN

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custom Bracelet Done

Hello again! I went to the studio this afternoon to re-do a custom order I had a loooong time ago. It is a bracelet for my friend's daughter's baptism/confirmation present (a person gets baptized at 8 yrs old in the LDS church). I made custom charms and put the bracelet together but it wasn't quite right...actually, it was all wrong! My friend gave it back to me to re-do and I'm glad she did because it is a 1000% better now. In fact, I might just have to make some different versions of this little beauty!

Here are the charms in detail. The dove (representing peace, baptism, purity, etc) has her baptism date on the back. The center has her name and tiny little CZ. And the crown (representing 'remember who you are'... a child of God/King) has her birthdate on the back. The jade beads are from a trip to China (just for show... gorgeous aren't they!?) and the pearls represent purity, virtue, being cleansed from sin, etc.

Here is a very crappy image of my Summer 2009 (part one?) line for the galleries. I have apparently been inspired by one of my new favorite artists from etsy, Carrie. As I look at this image I feel it reflects some of her classic style. It's funny how what you look at influences your work without you realizing it. I have always done some kind of hoop/loop layering. Circles seem to always work there way into my jewelry! I just got the beaded wire a couple of months ago and I am loving the effect! It really adds to the rustic-feminine look I am so attracted to.

I thought I'd just throw this one in here. This is a recent inventory picture from one of the galleries I'm in. They've really sold a lot in the past month or so! My space looks rather empty (they have my summer stuff now, that should beef it up a little) Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up... I suppose that's a good thing :) One thing I cannot keep up with in this gallery is the demand for my rustic pearl studs. I had just brought them several pairs and now they are down to one! The funny thing is that the other gallery gets absolutely no interest in them. I don't even bother making them for them any more. However, they go through my silver moon series and my simple hoops like water. To each his own, right? That's the gallery I just got an email from asking if I can keep a 4' case stocked with all of my own work. What a great (and a little bit intimidating) opportunity! I told them I'd give it my best shot. I am really looking forward to losing myself in the studio to get ready for that. Well, It's almost time for dinner. Being at home is really going to be nice, my mom is a fabulous cook! Have a great night!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Out of Touch

Hi All! I apologize for not posting very often lately. Honestly, nothing much has been going on besides packing, cleaning, and sorting. We have been getting ready to move and my life has been consumed by the endless errand running and all of the other stuff I just listed. I haven't been in the studio lately. I can't focus while I'm there because of everything else I have going on. I think I'm going to go pack it up tomorrow. We'll see. Take care and I'll be in touch more when we're moved and settled.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aveda & Herbal Tea

My new tea! I made the tea pot and mug (set of 4) in college. There is a tray to match as well.

It's been a while! I don't have any exciting business news (other than the fact that it's going really well lately). Nor do I have any fascinating projects that I'm working on (other than my Summer 2009 line). However it was an exciting day for me as a self proclaimed Aveda Lover! As you may know I am moving so I need to find a salon closer to home. Over the past several years I have fallen in love with Aveda: salons, service, and products. Today a co-worker told me about an Aveda salon she goes to in the town we work. I checked it out and made an appointment today with her stylist. My appointment isn't until the end of June, but I am looking forward to it already. My favorite part of the Aveda experience (besides the awesome head massage) is the Aveda brand herbal tea. The salon I used to go to offered tea, water, wine, etc while you waited for your appointment. I always had the herbal's amazing! They sell it in the salons and I have often thought about buying a jar of my own. The problem is it costs an arm and a leg (or $22 for those of you who don't have a spare arm and a leg to sell)!!! And you only get about 2 or 3 ounces. I'd drink that up in no time, and then want more. I can't afford that addiction so I've never allowed myself to buy it. Well, it just so happens that there is a cute little 'earthy-granola' gift shop right next to my new salon that sells a huge variety of loose teas. I found one EXACTLY like the Aveda tea I love so much!!!!! Plus it's only $2.25/oz!!!!! Score! It gets even better, the company that makes the tea has a website and you can buy any of their blends directly from their site (even in bulk)! The 'Aveda' blend is called Vita Blend. It is $4.95 for a 3 oz. bag. Here's a link to the site Mountain Rose Herbs. Check it out! So, I've spent the last hour or so sipping tea, burning my new Fiesta Lime insence and doing my virtual rounds. Now it's time to crank up the ipod and start going through my closet. Life doesn't get much better!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Ring!

I was able to spend the entire day in the studio! I love Saturdays like that. I made my first wrap ring and am really pleased with it! The pictures don't do the stones justice. I just took them on my kitchen table and not in my photo studio so the lighting is awful. But you get the point, right? I used two of the four moldovite stones I got at the gem show last month. The green is amazing! I had an unexpected guest spend the entire afternoon with me while working. Thanks for coming over Debbie! I enjoyed your company so much. Thank you for your incredible support and business; and interest in the process.

The color is a little more true to real life in this shot. It isn't very clear, but you can kind of see the detail in the stones. They are really indescribable. You can see a better shot of them in a posting from last month. Check it out! Have a great, relaxing Sunday!