Saturday, May 30, 2009

KB Fall 2008 (for Naomi)

I have a customer (Hi Naomi!) who bought this bracelet at one of the galleries and contacted me to have earrings and a necklace made. I promised her some images of the things I made in that series (all of them are long gone from the gallery).

Here are several earrings that would go with your bracelet (you can click on the images for a more detailed view). From left to right there are dark green coin pearls, gold coin pearls, white coin pearls, and bronzy-red coin pearls, and then peacock (iridescent purple) stick pearls in the long oval hoops. I can make the long oval hoops with a white stick pearl as well. I can recreate anything you see here or we can work on designing a new, but similar, item as well.

The necklace that was made to match the bracelet in on the right. I really liked this necklace! I don't remember what it retailed for (ballpark $120-$130). I can remake one similar to this or I can do a more simple version. Let me know what you think of your options. You can contact me through etsy, as we have been doing. Have a great weekend!

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