Friday, January 29, 2010

The Winner Is...

I am happy to announce that the winner of the January give away is LIBERTY! Congratulations Liberty. Please send me an email with your contact information including: email, mailing address, and phone number (although I probably won't need to call...but just in case). My email address is

Thanks to all who registered for my first give away : ) I'll be posting next months give away in the first days of February so check back very soon! I promise it'll be a good one.

Night - Janell

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Day at Leah's Studio

The Girls

As you may know from an older post I used to share this great studio space with a good friend of mine. Every now and then Leah would invite a couple of her friends over for a "studio day" and we would hang out and do artsy things together. The tradition continues. Leah graciously invited me to a studio day this past Saturday and we had such a great time together.

Freshly thrown tea pot parts, a bowl, and a mug - made of porcelain - waiting to be trimmed

Here are a few things I made on the wheel. I asked Leah (who is a VERY talented potter/painter) "so...what should I throw today?" I expected her to say a bowl or vase. No. She said "oooh, make a tea pot!". I didn't think I was up to it since it's been years since I made a tea pot...but I accepted her challenge.

A collaborative effort

I had to wait a couple of days to let the clay set up enough to trim and assemble. So I invited myself back over to the studio this afternoon to do so. We had Aveda tea, talked about our quarter life crisis' : ), and collaborated on the tea pot assemblage.

I trimmed and assembled the tea pot while Leah (per my request) hand built these adorable flowers and attached them for me. She does the most amazingly detailed hand carving/hand building on all of her pottery. I am honored to have some of that talent on my tea pot!

The flowers trickle and trail all around the pot. We agreed it's the sweetest little tea pot either of us have ever seen. It is so feminine!

The next step is to bisque fire it, then glaze it, then do a high fire. Leah so generously does the firings for me in her kiln. She's the best friend a girl could ask for!

It was so refreshing to do something creative that had nothing to do with jewelry. But with deadlines over-head, tomorrow is back to work in the (jewelry) studio. I am really looking forward to it!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Various Things

Hello! Lots of little things to show and tell today. It turns out I couldn't wait to make that stone I posted yesterday wearable. I made a simple pendant/necklace out of it last night. It's been around my neck all day.

I've been working on some stuff to deliver to the galleries next week. It was just sitting on my table so I snapped a quick picture. There will be a cuff bracelet, beaded bracelet and several pairs of corresponding earrings as well. It's kind of a silvery, grayish, pinkish-purple mix of stones and pearls. I really like the effect.

Lindsay, here are a couple of pictures of my pearls we could possibly use for your ring. Like I mentioned in the etsy convo, it's hard to capture their exact hue and luster. But as you can see they are all very smooth. Just convo (via etsy) and let me know if they are what you had in mind or if you have any questions. Thanks!

This picture is more of a reference for size than detail. The large flat pearls are the ones I use for the ring you saw in my shop. Again, it's hard to tell in this photo, but they are a brighter white with more of a iridescent luster. The other pearls are a bit more subtle but very beautiful.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

News: Good & Not So Good

When given the option, I always choose the bad news first. My darling 6-1/2 month old boxer got a hold of one of my favorite shoes and did this to it. I know, I know. It's my fault for not watching him. But in my defense I had him barricaded in our livingroom/foyer area of the house. I was working in my studio just around the corner, had been through the room he was in happily gnawing on a rawhide twice in 45 min or so. I had no reason to believe he was getting in to trouble since HE HAS NEVER chewed a shoe (or anything he shouldn't for that matter). The ironic this is that given that it is Winter I have not worn these flats for several months. Where did he get it? is my question! Well, what's done is done. I will now mourn the loss of one of my favorite (irreplaceable, might I add) pairs of Summer flats. I am truly heartbroken.

The other ironic thing is that just a couple of hours before my darling puppy committed this heinous crime I had checked out this audiobook called Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison. How did he know? They say Boxers are intelligent dogs...but omniscient??? : )

The good news is obvious, I think. Yowza! I received this amazing stone in the mail today from dalerocks09. Pictures (and words) don't do this Mexican Lace Agate justice. I can't even tell you how happy this stone makes me! When I ordered it I didn't know if it would end up around my neck or someone elses...but I think I may just have to keep it. For now anyway. I do tire of such things quickly. But for now I am perfectly content just staring at it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

By Small and Simple Things

image courtesy fey handmade

One of my favorite quotes from the scriptures is "by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass". I am noticing a business trend so far this year towards experimenting with small and simple things. I am trying out a monthly give away on my blog. I am working on a monthly newsletter (which is proving to be much more complicated and involved than I thought it would be). And I have accepted an invitation to sell my creations on a site called Fey Handmade.

I have no idea what to expect from any of these experiments. It is my hope that through doing these things I will be able to keep in touch with my customers from the past and present. And that I can reach new audiences. I figure I've got nothing to lose. A quote comes to mind "the biggest risks are the chances we don't take". We shall see how it goes.

I just have this feeling that this year will bring to pass great things!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Importance of...

...good studio music.
The XX
(image courtesy of thelineofbestfit)

It is my opinion that there is nothing better than a day in the studio with good music. Some long time favorites have been Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos and Where Have All The Cowboys Gone by Paula Cole. When these songs came out I was in my early teens and I felt I had to like them in secret. At that time most of my peers were listening to Hanson, the Back Street Boys and other pop-crap. Admitting to liking Tori Amos would have been social suicide! But for some reason these two songs have always got me going. Now I proudly crank them up and get to work. I just can't help but give my self over to the rich, soulful voices and earthy sound.

The last several years I have found countless groups/artists to adore...Radiohead...Morcheeba...Iron & Wine... But I recently found a new favorite. The XX. I just got their debut album and it is A M A Z I N G. I can honestly say I love every second of it. It never disappoints. Another album I am loving is one my sister introduced me to, Florence + the Machine - Lungs (thanks Em!). This one is great from beginning to end as well. So, I am going to go rock out in the studio today...all day!
Have a good one!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi! I hope your New Year is great so far. I can't complain. I am going to start doing a monthly give away here on my blog. I've decided to do this on a 6 month trial. Also on trial will be a monthly newsletter in which I will offer my receivers some crazy good deals and other treats. I am very much looking forward to all of this. So go ahead and leave a comment to register!

For my first give away I will be offering this simple and versatile floral band (made to order in your size of course).
It is sterling, oxidized, and oh so feminine. A $20 value...for FREE!!!

Entering is VERY simple and there are several ways to do it:
1) Make a comment on this entry with your ring size and email address (so I can contact you in case you win!)
2) You can be entered again by letting me know (in your comment) you would like to receive my monthly newsletter (via email)
3) You will be entered once for each purchase you make from my etsy shop.
That's it. Easy peasy. Three ways (at least) for you to enter and win this cute little ring.

***The drawing will take place FRIDAY, JANUARY 29TH. You have until noon on the 29th to enter.***

I hope you win!