Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Day at Leah's Studio

The Girls

As you may know from an older post I used to share this great studio space with a good friend of mine. Every now and then Leah would invite a couple of her friends over for a "studio day" and we would hang out and do artsy things together. The tradition continues. Leah graciously invited me to a studio day this past Saturday and we had such a great time together.

Freshly thrown tea pot parts, a bowl, and a mug - made of porcelain - waiting to be trimmed

Here are a few things I made on the wheel. I asked Leah (who is a VERY talented potter/painter) "so...what should I throw today?" I expected her to say a bowl or vase. No. She said "oooh, make a tea pot!". I didn't think I was up to it since it's been years since I made a tea pot...but I accepted her challenge.

A collaborative effort

I had to wait a couple of days to let the clay set up enough to trim and assemble. So I invited myself back over to the studio this afternoon to do so. We had Aveda tea, talked about our quarter life crisis' : ), and collaborated on the tea pot assemblage.

I trimmed and assembled the tea pot while Leah (per my request) hand built these adorable flowers and attached them for me. She does the most amazingly detailed hand carving/hand building on all of her pottery. I am honored to have some of that talent on my tea pot!

The flowers trickle and trail all around the pot. We agreed it's the sweetest little tea pot either of us have ever seen. It is so feminine!

The next step is to bisque fire it, then glaze it, then do a high fire. Leah so generously does the firings for me in her kiln. She's the best friend a girl could ask for!

It was so refreshing to do something creative that had nothing to do with jewelry. But with deadlines over-head, tomorrow is back to work in the (jewelry) studio. I am really looking forward to it!


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