Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Adventure Begins

Life has been NUTS lately! My husband recently found a new Iowa. This all happened so fast and really I should say this job found him. He'd been looking since last November and nothing had been happening. And when I say nothing I really mean n o t h i n g. Resume after resume, application after application and n o t h i n g (with the exception of a couple phone interviews, so maybe 'nothing' isn't completely true). Then one day a few weeks ago he received an email from a nice man at a bank in Iowa which was followed by a phone interview...then a family trip down including an entire day of interviews, lunch and a tour of the town he'd potentially be working in. Within a week he had the job (!!!). It's quite a big promotion and is EXACTLY what he was looking for. So yay! But in the past 3-1/2 weeks we've been to Iowa twice, come to terms with the fact that we're moving there (away from family and everyone we know), and begun packing. Needless to say I am tired (keep in mind we have a 4 month old!).

Unfortunately, my business will take a little hit from this move. I am leaving behind lots of customers and one of the galleries I have been in (who has a strict 'local only' policy). Big bummer there. They have been a big money maker for Karena Bella. But my husband kindly reminded me that when God shuts a door, He opens a window. It's exciting to think about a whole new market to tap in to.

So, what's on the bench? Hmmm...a batch of half finished work for etsy...a PILE of jewelry for the gallery (sigh...this used to be galleries) waiting for tags and waiting to be delivered. Oh, tags. You have been the bane of my existence as of late. Hours upon hours of designing...changing my mind...coming up with better ideas...and redesigning. I am finally getting there though. I think.

I will soon be packing up my studio (yet again). I should be back at it in a few weeks (hopefully). One really good thing about this move is there will be very little distraction considering that we are leaving everyone and everything we know. I can see myself spending lots of time in the studio! That will be heavenly : )

p.s. Since I have no jewelry pics to post here is a cute one of Evelyn...*sigh* I love this little girl!