Friday, May 29, 2009

All Done! (almost)

As promised in a past entry, here are some pictures of our new home! I can't believe how well it all fits. I worked all day on finishing up several miscellaneous projects and I'm glad to say it's pretty much done. There are a few minor details left, but they can wait.

I don't know what to do above our bed??? It'll come to me! We have our new mattress on lay-away and will be picking it up in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait for that. Our bed is a 17 year old hand-me-down. We desperately need a new mattress! I also need to get a king size bed skirt... the one I have on there now is from our queen size bed, it barely covers the ugly floral box spring... yak!

I was very happy to get my beading/finishing area all set up and organized. I have a few things to add yet, but it's mostly done and a very workable space. I can't wait to get my metals stuff here with me. I'm thinking that will happen next week sometime.

I'm loving our new TV. It swivels so we can watch it in bed or from the couch. Gotta love my husband for always keepin' us hooked up! ; )

Over all, I love the entire space. It will serve us well while we are here. There are lots of windows and pleasant light. It's definitely starting to feel like home! Well, have a great weekend. TTFN

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