Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custom Bracelet Done

Hello again! I went to the studio this afternoon to re-do a custom order I had a loooong time ago. It is a bracelet for my friend's daughter's baptism/confirmation present (a person gets baptized at 8 yrs old in the LDS church). I made custom charms and put the bracelet together but it wasn't quite right...actually, it was all wrong! My friend gave it back to me to re-do and I'm glad she did because it is a 1000% better now. In fact, I might just have to make some different versions of this little beauty!

Here are the charms in detail. The dove (representing peace, baptism, purity, etc) has her baptism date on the back. The center has her name and tiny little CZ. And the crown (representing 'remember who you are'... a child of God/King) has her birthdate on the back. The jade beads are from a trip to China (just for show... gorgeous aren't they!?) and the pearls represent purity, virtue, being cleansed from sin, etc.

Here is a very crappy image of my Summer 2009 (part one?) line for the galleries. I have apparently been inspired by one of my new favorite artists from etsy, Carrie. As I look at this image I feel it reflects some of her classic style. It's funny how what you look at influences your work without you realizing it. I have always done some kind of hoop/loop layering. Circles seem to always work there way into my jewelry! I just got the beaded wire a couple of months ago and I am loving the effect! It really adds to the rustic-feminine look I am so attracted to.

I thought I'd just throw this one in here. This is a recent inventory picture from one of the galleries I'm in. They've really sold a lot in the past month or so! My space looks rather empty (they have my summer stuff now, that should beef it up a little) Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up... I suppose that's a good thing :) One thing I cannot keep up with in this gallery is the demand for my rustic pearl studs. I had just brought them several pairs and now they are down to one! The funny thing is that the other gallery gets absolutely no interest in them. I don't even bother making them for them any more. However, they go through my silver moon series and my simple hoops like water. To each his own, right? That's the gallery I just got an email from asking if I can keep a 4' case stocked with all of my own work. What a great (and a little bit intimidating) opportunity! I told them I'd give it my best shot. I am really looking forward to losing myself in the studio to get ready for that. Well, It's almost time for dinner. Being at home is really going to be nice, my mom is a fabulous cook! Have a great night!


  1. Good for you Janell. It all looks awesome, and so glad to hear about your gallery work doing so great! Yeah you!

  2. Wow Janell thats really great that you are doin so well with your jewelry. I love some of the pieces I can see in those photos, and the little bracelet you have redone is really very pretty.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  3. I want it all...can you make me a necklace with the same stones you used in Olivia's bracelet? That is my fav color combo...pretty please with a cherry on top. I love the new line also...I love the detail of the necklace drop.

  4. Thanks guys! You're the best :)

  5. Wait a sec... I made that last comment, not my husband. Sometimes I don't realized that he is signed in on google and not me.

  6. Wow, they are so beautiful designs.