Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aveda & Herbal Tea

My new tea! I made the tea pot and mug (set of 4) in college. There is a tray to match as well.

It's been a while! I don't have any exciting business news (other than the fact that it's going really well lately). Nor do I have any fascinating projects that I'm working on (other than my Summer 2009 line). However it was an exciting day for me as a self proclaimed Aveda Lover! As you may know I am moving so I need to find a salon closer to home. Over the past several years I have fallen in love with Aveda: salons, service, and products. Today a co-worker told me about an Aveda salon she goes to in the town we work. I checked it out and made an appointment today with her stylist. My appointment isn't until the end of June, but I am looking forward to it already. My favorite part of the Aveda experience (besides the awesome head massage) is the Aveda brand herbal tea. The salon I used to go to offered tea, water, wine, etc while you waited for your appointment. I always had the herbal tea...it's amazing! They sell it in the salons and I have often thought about buying a jar of my own. The problem is it costs an arm and a leg (or $22 for those of you who don't have a spare arm and a leg to sell)!!! And you only get about 2 or 3 ounces. I'd drink that up in no time, and then want more. I can't afford that addiction so I've never allowed myself to buy it. Well, it just so happens that there is a cute little 'earthy-granola' gift shop right next to my new salon that sells a huge variety of loose teas. I found one EXACTLY like the Aveda tea I love so much!!!!! Plus it's only $2.25/oz!!!!! Score! It gets even better, the company that makes the tea has a website and you can buy any of their blends directly from their site (even in bulk)! The 'Aveda' blend is called Vita Blend. It is $4.95 for a 3 oz. bag. Here's a link to the site Mountain Rose Herbs. Check it out! So, I've spent the last hour or so sipping tea, burning my new Fiesta Lime insence and doing my virtual rounds. Now it's time to crank up the ipod and start going through my closet. Life doesn't get much better!