Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moved the Studio.......Again.

This weekend was absolutely nuts! It started Friday with me, Mike, and my dad moving my mom's office to a room upstairs. She has some pretty heavy and awkward furniture so it was very taxing work. But it was well worth it for many reasons. Her new space is very nice, it's like her stuff was made for the room. Another reason is because I got to take over her old office space to use as my studio!!! I really needed a better work space for my growing business. It is so nice to have all of my work stations in the same room again. And I have more room for organization, which I LOVE. I also have a nice, professional place for customers to come as well. It's good all around!

This is a before shot of my mom's office:
And here's the after, now my studio:
Ta Da!

I have lots of space for working now with all of my stones/supplies in easy reach. I still need to organize all of my stuff on the shelves above my tables. And I need some lighting. Ikea has great lighting solutions, I can't wait to go.

Again, I am in need of some lighting. My bench is a mess from my projects today. I made a couple of orders I received yesterday. I also played around with some new supplies. I turned an old plain hammered band into a rustic masterpiece! Well, maybe "masterpiece" is stretching it a little, but I do like the ring WAY more now. We'll see how long that love lasts. I tire of some things easily. It's in the tumbler at the moment...I'll see if it's shiny enough to take out...hold on a sec...
Good enough for now. I really like this ring! Well, I've gotta get going. Have a good night!

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  1. Congrats Janell! Too funny about your ring below. I love that wire--and I have some too. It's sitting on a ring in pickle and is very similar to the one in your picture!
    Great minds think alike! :-)