Friday, June 5, 2009

Cutsom Ring

Happy Friday, everybody! I finally got to go spend some time in the studio today... that always puts me in a good mood (not that I was in a bad one). I had a custom order for a unique CTR ring (in Mormon culture that means "Choose The Right"... like a WWJD thing, but older). People usually have a CTR ring as a reminder to always do what's right. I really like the concept, I know I can use a reminder through out the day! Anyway, it is a graduation gift for a girl at my church. I am really happy with the result! I might have to make one for myself. It's been years since I've had a CTR ring.

I packed up all of my tools etc at the studio today. They are all in boxes in my car. I cannot wait to be able to move my benches here. Hopefully that will happen very soon... we'll see. Have a great weekend!

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