Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Look

It always seems to take me a long time and several attempts to finally find a "look" I like. Like many of you I am very particular about aesthetics; especially when it comes to the presentation of my work. I've been playing around with different styling techniques since I opened up my etsy shop but I think I finally found one that I really like. There needs to be some tweaking in the photography but I like the general idea. Below are images of some of my new work that I will be posting in my shop this weekend. Enjoy the sneak peak!

These sweet little hoops will become a staple in my shop. I hope they sell well!
This turquoise stone used to be on the cuff bracelet at the end of this entry. It was way to big for the band so I sawed it off, drilled some holes and turned it into a pendant. I like it better now that it's a pendant but I wish I would have embellished the bezel differently.

I started making a new style of hoops and am loving the results. This particular pair is embellished with handmade fine silver leaves. I have a feeling they will start popping up in my work here and there.

Drum roll please....................

This might be one of my favorite things I have made to date!!! Okay, so it's tied with my moldovite wrap ring, but still!

This is the band that I sawed that turquoise stone/bezel off of and replaced with this sweet white oval freshwater pearl. I cannot believe how comfortable this cuff is! It has not left my wrist since I made it on Wednesday. Except for when sleeping and showering...but it's so comfy I could probably sleep with it on.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to in the studio lately. I am slowly but surely starting to absorb how busy I am going to be the Autumn/Holiday season. The panic hasn't hit yet and I am hoping I can stick to my list and avoid all the stress of last minute preparations. I hope I can start blogging more often. I really want to figure out how to personalize my blog more with cute back drops and fonts etc. How do you do that??? I see that many of you have made your blogs so cute, any helpful hints?
Take care!

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