Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot Off the Bench!

Hi everyone! Here are pictures of some new jewelry I've been making. Both items are spoken for. The first is a large, chunky turquoise ring. I LOVE IT!!! It is so comfortable, which is surprising since it's so large.

This is a very unique and quite expensive stone. It is called Rock Butte Jasper. I got it at the last gem show and intended to keep it for myself, but like always I fall out of love quickly with such things. My good friends mother saw it a few months ago and laid claim. I set it in a very simple pendant as to not compete with the stone itself. I am very pleased with the turn out!

I thought it was funny how you can see the reflection of the light in the stone! Whoops!

Well, I am soon off to spend the afternoon with a girlfriend of mine. Chipotle here we come! Our plan was to go bum around charming downtown Hudson, WI but it's pouring rain so we'll see. I love cool rainy days like this every now and then though. It's just too bad that they seem to come on the days I can't just curl up in some sweats and read or watch a movie. Oh well.

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