Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland vs Caribbean Blue

I woke up Saturday morning and peeked out the window as always to see what kind of day it was going to be. To my surprise and delight the world as I know it was covered with beautiful, fluffy snow whisps. The scene literally took my breath away and I gasped in awe of the beauty. I immediately started to bundle up and headed over to my favorite nature reserve, the only place to truly enjoy such beauty.

As I was walking around I couldn't help but think that one week into the future I would be enjoying the exact opposite landscape, but equally as beautiful. Rather than watching cardinals flit from tree to feeder I'll be watching sea birds dive for breakfast. Rather than observing Autumns left over leaves shiver on a branch I'll be picking up sea shells the tide leaves behind. Rather than freezing my bum off sitting on a ice covered bench I'll sweat under the hot Caribbean sun on a white sand beach. Either way you divide it I consider myself blessed to be able to take in and appreciate Gods diverse landscapes.

Cancun 2009

Cancun 2005

Cancun 2008

As you may know, the week before a vacation is stressful to the max. Aside from preparing for 9 days in a foreign country both Mike and I are swamped with deadlines, work, and meetings this week. A month ago life was pretty slow and I was feeling like I didn't deserve an extended vacation...I'm singing an entirely different tune today. I cannot wait to be buckled in to my seat on the plane and leave town for a while. I promised pictures of my progress with the jewelry for the March show at Seasons. The work is done and I am indifferent. Some pieces are extremely difficult to part with and this just isn't one of those pieces. I really like the necklace on. But there are a few things (which I will fight the urge to point out) I would like to change. I didn't expect to like the earrings so much. I think they are sweet. I'm just relieved it's all done and ready to go for tomorrow. One more thing to check off "the list". (the images are kinda crappy)

Well...bon voyage! Be back in a couple weeks : )

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