Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Marketing Makeover

After 4+ years of being in business I finally hired out having my logo, blog, etsy banner, tags, and other promotional materials professionally designed. My friend directed me towards Kassie and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She really listens and even asks that you be picky ensuring you love the end product. She works SUPER fast and does such a nice job! 30+ emails later and a couple of fairly long phone conversations I could not be happier with everything she has done. And I am really excited to unveil it all, but it's not finished quite yet. If you're in need of any design projects...head on over to Designs by Kassie, she's a peach!

On the jewelry end of things, I have labeled this week and next as "Code Red". Meaning no lunch dates with friends or sisters, no running errands or shopping after work, no putzing around online for hours...simply NO distractions (that are not directly related to business). I need to get fresh, new jewelry to the galleries by next Friday. My goal is to make 10-12 rings, 12-14 necklaces, 20+ earrings, 4-6 cuffs, and 4-6 bracelets. Then divide it all up between the galleries and etsy. Designing and making the jewelry is just part of the process, I'll also have to photograph/edit, post, price, tag, and make inventory sheets of all the jewelry. I CAN DO IT! I'm already getting there and am proud to say that I've been sticking to my "Code Red" status : ) Now, back to the bench.


  1. Very nice Janell, it looks great, I love the colors and design. She did a wonderful job.

    Good luck getting all your pieces made for your Galleries :)


  2. Thanks Juli! She did an awesome job!

  3. Your blog looks fabulous! Have fun working, working working!

  4. Great job Janell. It looks very professional, comfortable and it fits your designs perfectly! I hope you are well!