Thursday, March 25, 2010

Somethin' To Show For It

Rings for Abode

It's been a busy couple of weeks. As previously mentioned I placed some distraction restrictions on myself or as I like to call it "code red status" so that I could get some work done for Abode. That meant, or was supposed to mean, no lunches with sisters/friends (okay, so I broke that rule a couple of times), no unnecessary errand running/shopping after work (broke that one once or twice too), and no browsing around online for extended periods of time (guilty again). So I ended up breaking all of my rules. I did manage to get some stuff made. Not as much as I originally planned, but I also decided to focus on the one gallery for now rather than both (plus etsy). So that took some pressure off. I am going to go a completely different direction for Seasons anyway, less rustic more "Springy".

Necklaces for Abode

I am loving the peace symbol pendant. I made two and might just keep one for myself (surprise, surprise).

Earrings for Abode

Bracelets for Abode

I totally slacked on bracelets this time around. I intended to make some cuffs, too. That didn't get done...yet. I will make a few and send them their way. I have a couple of designs I'm really excited about.

So tomorrow I'm picking up Betty (my mother-in-law) and we're taking a trip over to Stockholm, WI to drop off jewelry, poke around in the quaint shops, and possibly enjoy an award winning piece of old-fashioned pie. It will be fantastic!

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