Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Post Day

I need to post again for two reasons:
One - Kristi from Silver Sparrow Designs (who, by the way, makes bold and amazingly meaningful jewelry) tagged me in the "Circle of Friends" award. I am supposed to name five things that I love and then tag 5 fellow bloggers. Here goes...
1) I love my husband, for too many reasons to name. But lately I especially love him for his unwavering support, patience, and encouragement.
2) I love that God gave me artistic talents.
3) I love that I've been given an opportunity to pursue an education and develop those talents.
4) I love my puppy. He loves me unconditionally and always puts a smile on my face.
5) I love nature and it's endless supply of inspiration.

I am tagging Carrie Schaffer, "Gina", Kassie Garlock, Emily, and Liberty Cameron. I thoroughly enjoy each of these ladies blogs!

The other reason I wanted to blog again is to a shine a spotlight on my etsy friend Carrie over at Original Hardware. I hope she doesn't mind, but I just have to brag for her. She just got several pieces of her beautiful jewelry accepted into the Sundance Fall catalog!!! This is a huge honor and even bigger accomplishment. Congratulations Carrie! Read her is so full of inspiration and beautiful thoughts. Carrie, you give me hope that my lofty dreams will too one day come true!

Okay - done for the day : )

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