Thursday, November 26, 2009

Landing on Two Feet

The phrase "leap of faith" just took on new meaning for me. My mom has wisely said upon many occasions that your 20's are some of the hardest years. That they are all about establishing yourself in every way, work/career; marriage; parenthood; home life; and personally. I think about what my twenties have been like so far and she couldn't be more right. Many trials and tribulations both in the world and in my soul have come to me throughout my twenties. It is hard to describe in words, but I wouldn't change anything so far. Every hardship has made me stronger and better able appreciate the joyful times. Like a master sculptor, my Maker has been chipping away at me with each of these moments, both the good and the not so good. And I am starting to see the shape He is giving me. It is an exciting unveiling!

Suddenly I am able to look back and see each of the times I have taken the leap. Sometimes I have jumped freely by my own free will. Other times I feel like I have been shoved off the edge. But I find myself standing on the edge again, ready to jump. However this time I am anticipating a better landing. A landing on two feet. I am not sure what has changed. But I like it. I feel great and excited to see what will come.

This Thanksgiving I am so grateful for too many things to write. First and foremost I am grateful for my faith. It has gotten me through! I am also grateful for my best friend/husband. He has gotten me through as well. I have never known such an inspiring person. His good example always lays before me. I am grateful for the talents and gifts God has given me. I still stand in awe of the fact that I have been given opportunities to let them flourish. What a blessing! And I am grateful for my family in whom I find the best friendship a person could ask for. I hope your Thanksgiving may be blessed and happy!

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