Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shop Update

I should be sleeping...but no, I am blogging. Huh? I thought I'd just show off some of what's new in my etsy shop. I've been listing all night and have lots left to do. Plus a lot of new jewelry yet to photograph and edit. And even more yet to make! Now if I can just avoid all of lifes distractions and spend some time in the studio.

I don't think I have kept my love of paisley a secret. I've got a whole bunch of paisley necklaces in the works. I expect there will be some paisley cuffs and rings in the near future. And possibly some earrings, we'll see.

My new Whisper Wishes charms. The by line is "wear your dearest wish close to your heart". A little sappy, but sweet. I like this one, the fish, leaf and bird are meant to represent each of Mother Natures eco systems. I think I have become a "tree hugger". Not only because my style (in almost every way) is leaning towards a rustic-nature yet feminine theme; but also because whenever I am at our local nature reserve I find myself literally hugging a tree. There is something therapeutic about doing that. Try it sometime (although my guess is that you already have at one point in your life).

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  1. I love your new Paisley necklace, it's very pretty. I also like paisley, and the different stones with it are great! :)