Friday, April 3, 2009

An Afternoon with Sisters!

I had such a nice time with my sisters yesterday. One of them is visiting from the Chicago area and four of us got together (I have 6 sisters total and one brother...yikes!) and spent the afternoon walking around a local nature center. It was (finally) a beautiful day. We walked paths and chased around three of my rambunctious little nephews. I wish I had more pictures to post of our day, but I only took three. I've been pestering Meagan to send me all of hers...she has tons of them, including a really cute one of all four of us girls.

Me (left) & Samantha (right)

My sweet little baby niece, Isabella (Sam's daughter)

I have lots to do today. I have an appointment with a gallery this afternoon, I need to work on a custom order and work on my practice piece for an upcoming custom order. I have been commissioned to make a bracelet out of antique spoons for an acquaintance's co-worker. I have never made anything out of antique silverware so I wanted to practice a little before my meeting on Monday. I just happened to have been given a baggie full of antique silverware by a co-worker and found two matching pieces. It seems to be a simple project, but there is always a catch! I am just waiting to catch it =) I am glad to have an opportunity to practice one first. TTFN

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