Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good Day!

I've been having a wonderful day! I got to play around in the studio this morning, meet my husband for lunch, and I listed some new stuff in my Etsy shop. While working in the studio a couple of really nice ladies stopped in on their lunch break. It's always fun to show people around the studio a little bit. One of them found a couple of pairs of earrings to go home with! Here are a couple of projects I finished up in the past couple of days. Enjoy!

I put a spin on one of my classic designs. I have sold countless pairs of coin pearl drops at one of the galleries I am in. I put a spin on the design with a scalloped bezel, a large loop to dangle them from, and a handmade forged earwire. I LOVE them! I can't seem to take them out of my ears!

This is the first in a new collection called "Nature's Harvest". Everything in this collection will feature a beautiful gemstone cabochon in a unique rustic-feminine setting. This one was so fun to make. I'm trying not to get attached to it!

I had a 1-1/4" plain cuff bracelet that I never wore so I thought I'd do something with it. I sawed in into three pieces and this is what I did with the middle piece. I soldered two strips of fancy bezel wire together and then soldered them to the cuff. It sounds simple enough but I really challenged my soldering abilities making this bracelet. I learned so much and am in love with the result. For now I plan to keep it for myself. But I tend to get tired of things easily, so maybe it will end up on etsy for sale. I'm not sure if it's done yet. I like it the way it is because it will go with everything. But I'm thinking of ways I might further embelish it. We'll see!

Here's a detail of the wire.

This is what is left of my large cuff. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with these pieces. I'm thinking I'll do some kind of set with them.

This is what the wire looks like. Like I mentioned above, I soldered two strips together. It's fun to find new ways to use bezel wire.

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