Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Some Pictures

It feels so good to be prepared for an upcoming busy week. I spent yesterday afternoon making this custom necklace which I am delivering on Tuesday and a practice piece for commission for which I have a meeting tomorrow night. The gem show is finally here (tomorrow); I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my custom family necklaces, it is reversible!

This side is simple

This side has the family names

My customer also wanted her pets' names included. I made each of them a little tag and put it in the back.

I made a simple pair of earrings just in case she wants a pair to match.

I have never made jewelry out of antique silverware before, but I have been commissioned to do a bracelet for a new bride. I had been given a few pieces of antique silverware so I thought I'd do a practice piece. I am glad I did because i learned a lot making this one.

My favorite part is the little floral detail on the backside of the spoon handles. I think it is adorable how it quietly surprises on the inside of the bracelet.

In case you were wondering...we got two inches of snow last night...ISH!

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