Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Kind of Sick Joke!

Happy April 1st!

Mother Nature seems to know this day as "April Fools". Well, she pulled a fast one on us today...this is a view from my front window! Lovely isn't it (catch the sarcasm)! The worst of it is that it has been unseasonably cold and absolutely gray for the past couple of weeks. I am not usually one to complain about winter not ending...but come on! It's April. We've had weather just like this since November. Where's the sun and Spring rain? Hopefully this will be the last of this kind of weather!

So, I've caught some kind of mild bug that just enough of a nuisance to keep me in bed half the day. I feel icky in the morning, but then anxious to get on with my day by the afternoon. Then icky before bed and then again in the morning. ??? I hope this doesn't drag on (like the weather...bitter? not me) =) And for all of those, I am not pregnant! (people always seem to jump to that conclusion if I ever mention even a headache or slight fatigue).

I have every reason to hope that next week (at the latest) I will find myself on early morning walks, sunny-warm afternoons in the studio, and lazy evening strolls with my husband! Let's hope!

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