Thursday, April 16, 2009

New 'Simplify' Line

I am in awe at the way nature strikes a perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. The biological and scientific aspects of nature are incredibly complex and I admire those who understand them. However, in my quiet observations I find nature to be beautifully simple as well. Nothing needs to tell the a seed to grow into a mighty oak tree, nobody texts the birds to let them know it's warm enough to return home to the North. And it doesn't take an interior designer to decide for a tulip to bloom into a gorgeous orangey-red color. Everything in nature just knows what to do all on it's own and that is what I love about it so much. It is perfectly created!
Nature has inspired me to simplify my life. I do my best to avoid over-scheduling my life. I try to cut back on unnecessary spending. I continually limit my choices of clothes in my closet and jewelry in my box. I love a simple life! I love to be free from wordly and superficial cares.
All of this is what inspired my new jewelry line 'Simplify'. I wanted to create a line of jewelry that was very minimal and affordable with a rustic-feminine twist. This is the perfect never-take-off jewelry. Wear it everyday (it's made to last)! Enjoy simplifying your life with this new and exciting line of jewelry. All of the following are listed in my Etsy shop... new additions will be made as inspiration comes.

'Wishes' Earrings $22

'Three Wishes' Necklace $32

'Rustic Studs' Earrings $18

'Rustic Nugget' Necklace $30

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