Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging Again When I Shouldn't Be

I have just accepted that today is a day for distractions! I did make it to the studio for a few hours =) I took some pictures...enjoy!

This is an exclusive Spring 2009 preview! I think I might add another pair of earrings to the mix. I just did pricing today and will be doing the photo shoot/editing later this week. Then it's onto Etsy and into the galleries.

Seeing as I was having focus problems today I thought I'd do a little warm up piece for myself. I have had these chunky serpentine stones for quite sometime now. But I just got a shirt from Sundance and the stones are really cute with it. That is the ultimate joy of being a jewelry can make something to go with every outfit! I however don't usually do that. I get a little overwhelmed with too many choices! This will be fun for now though. The other great thing about being a jewelry artist is that I can take it apart to use the pieces for something else if I want! (I do this all of the time).

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