Monday, March 23, 2009

Sundance Junkie!

I have to let it be known...I am an absolute Sundance catalog junkie! Nothing makes my day like when a new catalog arrives! I savor flipping through the pages and am hardly disappointed that most of the stuff is the same as in the previous catalog. But I save each one anyway. One of my favorite things to do to relax before bed is flip through my old never fails that I see something I hadn't noticed before (I also love to do this with Silpada catalogs).

I don't order from them often. And when I do it is usually from clearance. Let's face it, not many artists can afford their retail prices! I just used some saved up birthday money to order a really cute t-shirt from their Spring catalog and a ring that has been a favorite for some time now. They just arrived today and I've got to say the only thing better than when a catalog arrives is when actual merchandise does! Here's the pictures of the ring I picked out...

It is a really hefty ring! I love it though. I sure am lucky to be a jewelry artist because it needed a little stretching and I have all of the tools to do that! It also needed a little it fits comfortably and is super shiny!

Robert Redford (Sundance founder), if you ever read this...THANK YOU!

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