Friday, March 20, 2009

Boring Blogger

So, I guess you can say my blog hasn't been a priority in my life! Oh well, I've been busy balancing work and leisure. Mother Nature played a nasty trick on me this morning. It has been in the 50's (even 60's) and sunny the past full week. It's been great! This morning I got up to take a walk, looked out the window and yelled "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!!!" There was a layer of fresh snow...the nerve! Needless to say I crawled back into my warm bed =)

Seriously though, I love Fridays. Not just because the weekend is finally here, but because I don't work (at my part-time desk job) so I get a full day in the studio! I especially love it when I am in the middle of making a new line of jewelry. I'm about half way through my Early Spring 2009 line. It's turning out to be pretty great! I can't wait to do the photo shoot and post it in my Etsy shop. I just love the look of fresh jewelry on my home page!

I really need to learn how to post pictures in here. Not that I've tried yet, but it would definitely be more interesting to look at (although, I really don't think anyone has). Once again, oh well!

Off to the studio...


  1. Yes sometimes boring. But your great.

  2. Nice jewelries. Yes sometimes its boring. But the great stuff you feel good.