Monday, March 30, 2009

Cancun - February 2009

I love Cancun, Mexico! It's probably hard not to love anyplace in the Caribbean, right? Here are some pictures of our most recent trip there. I always look for jewelry while down there. For those of you who have been there know how incredibly much jewelry they have everywhere! I rarely find something I love and absolutely have to take home with me. So this past trip I got the idea to create my own sentimental piece out of some lucky findings. Enjoy!

I bought a beautiful 20" faceted oval ball chain for $10 (in Cancun), cut it apart and added a few details of my own. I found the flower charm in a little jewelry shop. I plucked several little leaves from a bush outside our hotel and cast them for the necklace and earrings. I don't know what kind of leaf they are, though. My favorite part is the tiny little shell. While packing up to come home I was cleaning out my beach purse and found this teeny tiny shell in a zipped pocket from our trip in 2008! I remember finding it on the beach and couldn't believe it had been hiding there for a year! I had never cast a shell before but it turned out perfectly! So this was (one) of my souvenirs from our trip this past February.
Earrings to match featuring matching cast leaves.
Close up of the leaves.

Sunset on La Isla Mujeres (the island of the coast of Cancun).
Our approach to la isla mujeres. It is a 25 minute ferry ride across the Caribbean.
Beautiful view from la isla.
One of many beautiful views from our daily walk on the beach.

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